Indispensable Material In Building——Refractory Cement

May 28, 2024

Refractory cement becomes an indispensable material when buildings or equipment need to resist high temperatures, chemical corrosion or wear and tear. Refractory cement is a special type of cement used in refractory structures that maintains stability and strength at extremely high temperatures. It is produced from specially selected materials and processes and has excellent fire resistance and chemical stability.


The main ingredients of refractory cement usually include mineral powder, quartz sand, binders and other refractory materials. These raw materials are precisely proportioned and mixed to form a high-performance slurry. During the construction process, refractory slurry can be poured, poured or sprayed onto the surface that needs to be protected. Once refractory cement is exposed to high temperatures, it undergoes a chemical reaction and gradually forms a strong structure.


Refractory cement has a wide range of applications in many fields. Here are some of the main application areas:


High-temperature kiln lining: Refractory cement is widely used in the lining of industrial kilns such as steelmaking, ironmaking, glass and ceramics. It can withstand extremely high temperatures and protect the kiln from damage.


Chimney and Flue Lining: Refractory cement is used to construct chimney and flue linings to protect building structures from high temperatures and corrosive gases.


Metal Smelting: In the metallurgical and foundry industries, refractory cement is used as lining material for iron baths, smelting furnaces and casting moulds. It is able to withstand the high temperatures and corrosion of metallic liquids.


Furnace wall and furnace floor repair: When the refractory furnace wall or furnace floor is damaged, refractory cement can be used to repair and restore it, extending the service life of the equipment.


Insulating materials: Refractory cement is also used to make insulating materials such as refractory bricks, refractory fiberboard and refractory slurry. These materials are used to thermally protect structures and provide excellent insulation properties in high temperature environments.


Overall, refractory cement plays an important role in protecting high-temperature equipment and structures. It has excellent fire resistance and chemical stability, and can effectively withstand extreme temperatures, chemical corrosion and wear. As technology continues to develop, the application of refractory cement will continue to expand to meet growing industrial needs.


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